Driven to serve
with speed, efficiency, innovation.

A family-owned company

built on making every stitch count.

Located in the Chicago suburb of Saint Charles, Illinois is 180,000 square feet of state-of-the-art flexible manufacturing space. In addition to the ever-expanding equipment and technology available, you'll find over 600 people committed to providing quality services and products with the lowest price and quickest turnaround in the industry.

To say these people matter is an understatement.

Not only are we second generation family owned, we live out family values by continually investing in employees. English language learners are compensated while they take free classes onsite. All training is paid, and opportunities for cross-training, mentoring, and upward mobility are readily available.

You can't run two shifts a day, six days a week without a great team of leaders and followers.

From prototyping to commercialization, we exceed expectations. Our 99% retention rate proves we do whatever it takes to gain your business—and keep it.
“From the beginning, integrity and trust has been the bedrock for building extraordinary long-term customer relationships.”

“From the beginning, integrity and trust has been the bedrock for building extraordinary long-term customer relationships.”

It started with an opportunity to make life better.

As young man in Croatia, Jakob Rukel chose to leave what was known for the great unknown… the land of opportunity…the United States of America.

Through education, hard work, and pure determination, his reputation was established. John didn't just get things done; they were always well done—often better and faster than expected. He was a problem solver and a man of his word.

His experience, values and passion are built into every product AJR Specialty Products makes. And he's the foundational reason every person on the culturally diverse AJR team is committed to never settling for the status quo.

That's why we ask the right questions to uncover problems and discover solutions.

Why we diligently seek ways to improve both processes and final products.

And why we are intrinsically driven to make if faster, stronger, less expensive, more durable, more shippable—and whatever it takes to accomplish our customer's goals.

As a contract manufacturer of medical supplies, we make everything better.

We offer a proven track record of enduring relationships, ever-improving equipment, high-capacity output, best-in-class delivery, and the fastest lead times in the industry.

For us, there is nothing more rewarding than continuing Jakob's legacy by doing what we do best… make it better.
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