Fabric roll slitting, laser, die, plasma, and strip cutting.

Industrial Cutting

AJR Specialty Products uses the newest technology and equipment to provide you high-quality manufacturing at the lowest possible cost.

Laser Cutting

AJR uses the MC-Series 150W CO2 Laser Non-Metal & Steel Cutter. This machine can cut wood, acrylic, steel, cardboard, and stainless steel. It can cut sizes up to 48” x 96” and up to 1” thick acrylic plastic and ¾” thick wood.

Die Cutting

Our die press boasts up to 25 tons of cutting force and a cutting pad size of 25” x 72”. We can die cut organic and synthetic textiles, leather, felt, plastics, films and paper products.

Strip Cutting

We can perform automated hot or cold strip cutting of webbings, loop Velcro, hook & amp, elastics or just about roll-form materials up to 4” wide!

Fabric Roll Slitting

AJR's slitting equipment can accommodate rolls can slit rolls up to 90” wide and up to 500 pounds. We can slit rolls of fabric up to 30” wide to a width as small as 1” wide.

Other Cutting Capabilities

  • Plasma Cutting
  • Vertical Cutting
  • Horizontal Cutting
  • Manual Straight Knife Cutting of multiple layers of fabric up to 8” thick anrbon/stainless steel.
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